Transportation of all kinds of cargos from any location in the world to Iran and vice versa

Parsian Tarabar Hirad

Parsian Tarabar Hirad (PTH)

the number one in Transportation services

Parsian Tarabar Hirad (PTH) uses logistics expertise and professional services in air, land and sea shipment for domestic-international shipment and vice versa. The occupational group of PTH, are ready to cooperate with you dear customers.

Air transport

Dispatch your cargo and equipments with best airlines in the world, in the shortest possible time

Sea transport

.Dispatch your cargo and equipments with best shipping lines in the world

Land Transport

land-transportation of all cargo and equipments, choose safe route and best trucks based on commodity

Customs advisor

we are ready to share with you our priceless experiences in customs (origin and destination)


Work process



Step 1

The First Step After Contact with the seller is the selection and order of the product.

customs of Origin

Step 2

Leave Us the entire process involves loading and sending the cargo From the Seller`s ware house to the representative warehouse and Performing customs at the orgin.

customs of Destination

Step 3

The entire administrative and official process at the destination customs involves offloading the goods in the customs warehouse and recive a delivery order is our duty.

Document submission

Final Step

Delivery of documents and coordination required for releasing the goods

Trust P.T.H in all the stages from buying to delivery of the goods alongside our experienced team,

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